10 Tips and Tricks to make your Android Faster and Improve Performance

How do you make Android faster? How do you speed up your Android phone? Could you make your Android faster? It is possible to get your Android working like new by following these 10 tips:

  1. Keep only the Apps you use

It sounds obvious, but we are all guilty of downloading Apps we don’t ever intend on using. Keep only the apps you use regularly. Or that are important to you. Its like clothes that you haven’t worn in the last year, you are unlikely too. Get rid of them. They are using your resources and slowing down your phone. Go to storage> remove apps you haven’t used in a long time. This will vary from phone to phone

  1. Clear App Cache to speed it up

Some apps like Medicare and Health Fund Apps deserve a place on your phone. Remove the cached data for such apps in the Settings to ensure they don’t consume much space when they are not in use. Go to storage>Clear Cache. This will vary from phone to phone.

  1. Consider using Lite Apps

Many of the popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and Messenger have a “lite” version too. These “Lite” apps are often designed for entry level smartphones or users that want to keep things lite and simple.   They can make your phone run faster and generally use less data.

  1. Update your Phone

If possible put your phone on Auto-Update then you are sure to get the latest operating system. Since each update usually provides performance enhancements it is worth knowing you have the latest operation system as long as your phone is a fairly recent phone.

  1. Older Phone Users Beware!

If you have a phone that is a few years old, Auto-update may not serve you well. The newer operation systems take up your limited resources so beware of updating if your phone is getting long in the tooth.

  1. Beware of Fake Apps

Many of the millions of Android Apps are fake. For instance System Update malware lived in the play store for 3 years undetected before it was discovered to be malware. Malware or Fake Apps will definitely slow your phone down. Google has recently rolled out “Play Protect” tool for scanning such apps, or all apps. So scan before you install. Check the authenticity of apps before you install. Having Malware on your phone is not good and brings us to our next point.

  1. Install an Anti-virus Program on your phone

Installing a program like Trend Micro or Norton’s will protect you from being hacked and also from Malware and unwanted code. We use Trend Micro Maximum Security and buy it in a 6 user license pack to cover laptops and phones. It automatically scans and quarantines files that shouldn’t be there on your phone and keeps unwanted code off your phone. It is well worth the dollars.

  1. Set Apps to update only over WIFI

Many apps need to update themselves in the background to keep information fresh, or do other things such as upload files, photos and videos. Thus, disabling background data can make your Android device faster. So go to Settings>Auto Update Apps > Select Auto Update over WiFi only.

  1. A Simple Restart can help

Lots of people leave their phone turned on forever. Like your laptop, your phone benefits from a simple restart. Make it a thing you do once a week. You will be surprised at the difference it will make. It ends open processes and cleans and reorganizes the memory.

  1. Don’t overfill your home screen

Filling your Android home screen with pretty wallpaper and tons of widgets can slow the phone down. Keeping your home screen clean can assist your device at running faster as it doesn’t have to load heavy content every time you return to the home screen.

In conclusion, if your phone has slowed down to the point where it is hardly functioning, or it is doing funny things like automatically closing apps, running hot, or generally playing up. You should heed the warning. Back up your phone to Google, instructions in a previous article, and do a reset. Make sure when you back up that you back up your photos and videos. Samsung users can use Smart Switch. Doing a complete reset means that you will have to download your apps again, but the phone will be back to factor resets and just like the day you got it. Reload the phone only with the data you need and go again. This is a last resort but one that many times has to be taken.

Enjoy your Android Device and happy Smartphoning!

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