3 Common Mistakes people make after Liquid Damaging a Phone

3 Common mistakes for water damage phone

26 June 2019

What once was considered a luxury is now a necessity. A much needed and loved necessity,

a very delicate piece of technology that can be damaged by the smallest drops of water.

So,it’s into the toilet?

Firstly, you might have been told that it is a great idea to put your phone into a container of rice, but the fact is it will not suck out the water efficiently and it could assist in the growth of mould.

2.    Another popular option is to put your phone into cat litter crystals. However, the result is similar with above and will give an odour.

3.    Using a blow dryer is not recommended as the strength and temperature of the air may disperse water in your device to unaffected areas and further damage your product.


Remove your phone from the water immediately. Time is of the essence and the least amount of time your precious phone is in contact with water, the less chance of further damage to the unit.

2. Dry it thoroughly

3. Remove the Sim Tray and Sim Card

4. Place it in a warm place

5. Make sure it is turned off if it is still on.

6. Leave your phone at a warm location with good air flow until you get a chance to take your phone to your trusted phone repair shop.

Dropped It Mobile Phone repair has highly trained and experienced technicians to help you. We know exactly what to do and have a high success rate at recovering phones after they have been liquid damaged. And if the worst happens and it cant be resurrected we can recover your precious data.

So for a professional fix call us on 42298138 0r 0416657846 and let us do what we do best. Reunite you with your precious device.

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