Apple iOS 13 and 13.1 Update Review

Apple iOS 13 and 13.1 Update Review
Apple has released iOS 13.1 which fixes lots of the bugs in the initial iOS 13 release along with enabling new features
iOS 13 is a ground breaking update. Dark Mode and Sign in with Apple are the two major changes in the way you will use your iPhone.
Photos and Maps get a long overdue update and are impressive in there new format.
iOS 13.1 released September 24th, 2019 addresses a lot of the bugs from the initial release of iOS 13 just a week before.
Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 seriers and the iPhone 6 series are not supported by iOS 13, although they will still run iOS 12. iOS 13 works on the iPhone 6S and later, the iPhone SE and 7th Generation iPod touch. If your buying a new offering such as the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max you will find iOS 13 is already installed so you have no choice but to go with the new iOS.
Your days of sharing on OS with your hone have come to an end. iPadOS is here and was released at the same time as iOS 13. iPadOS has a lot of the same same features as iOS13 plus some iPad specific additions such as multitasking support, home screen improvements and the new ability to be able to sue a mouse with your iPad.
Dark Theme or Dark Mode is cool, or some people think so. It is also practicle. It is the ability to flip your phone from white to black. It eases the strain on your battery especially if you have an OLED screen. It is great when the lights are low. It is great for checking your phone in the middle of the night and not waking up your partner. You can set Dark Mode to turn on automatically when it gets dark. Dark Mode complements the ambient light True Tone feature on newer iPhones too.

Using “Sign in with Apple” in iOS 13 is so easy. When you are signing into an App you can use facial recognition (if you have it) or fingerprint id. It hides your email address by using Apples email relay support service instead. In this scenario, Apple creates a unique random email address and forwards any communications sent out by the app or website to your actual email. Some apps already have it but we will have to wait for others to catch up. Long term it will give users more control over what personal details they are sharing with other people which is a great privacy feature.
Long story short, iOS 13 breaks your photos down into Day, Month, Year and its all thanks to the addition of a strip of options above the redesigned Photos Tab. It highlights the best photos you have taken and organizes them into an appealing collage.

Apple has made significant impovements to its map feature and is rolling this out area by area. iOS 13 is an excellent update to the operating system, except for the fact that it is leaving behind the iPhone 5 and 6’s. There are also a myriad of other changes made by this OS that I have not mentioned choosing to focus on the main changes. I will follow this article up with some details about the iPadOS.

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