Back up your iPhone or Android

Back up your iPhone or Android – Please I beg you

Back up your iPhone or Android – I am forever going on about the importance of backing up your phone Back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in iTunes on PC – Apple Support.  Today we had a client come in with a Samsung A20.  This phone is in terrible shape.  It is water damaged, has a swollen battery, a broken screen and the back is missing.  The client tells us that he has precious irreplaceable photos and videos on the phone.  We really want to help him and will do whatever is possible to retrieve this precious information.  But, my point is, please, back up your phones before something happens to your phone and it suddenly becomes extremely important. 

Backing up your phone is not like training.  You cant just go out and run a marathon.  You have to train for it consistently over a long period of time.  First you may not be able to run at all, then you train and before you know it you can run 5km.  Then 10. Then 21km (half marathon) Then you make your goal.  In the case of backing up your phone, you can do it in a moment, and the excuse that “I don’t have enough space on my cloud, is not acceptable.  50GB costs $1.49 per month. How Much Does Data Recovery Cost? Common Rates for 2021 (  

Why is it important to Back up your iPhone or Android?  So in my experience, it is far better to BACK UP YOUR PHONE then land in the position of needing data recovery, that can range in price for $90 to $3000 (worst case scenario and you need it yesterday) Data Recovery Services Wollongong | Mobile Gear.  So even though it can be done, dont put yourself in the position of needing it done, just back up.

In the case of backing up your phone, first you need to learn how to do it.  It is easier than running 5km.  Then if you are backing up to google or apple or one drive, you may have to part with a tiny little bit of your hard-earned money.  It is about $2 a month to buy space on the cloud.  That’s $24 a year.  Back up your iPhone or Android. People tell me all the time I can’t back up my photos to the cloud because there is not enough space.  That is because you haven’t bought the space.  It is peanuts.  It is a pittance.  When you consider that if something happens to your phone and you need someone like us to attempt a data recovery it is going to cost you at least $650!  Now I have worked it out before that equates to 34 years of space on the iCloud or google.  Am I missing something?  Are the photos of your children growing up or your elderly parents not worth protecting for $2 a month?  Do you give a second thought to parting with $5 for a cappuccino? iCloud pricing here – 50GB $1.49 per month iCloud storage plans and pricing – Apple Support

The other thing I hear all the time, is I don’t have an iCloud.  Well, if you have an iPhone you have access to the iCloud.  When you initially set up your phone or device, it would of asked you for a email address and password for the iCloud.  This is very important information.   People seem reluctant or think that an iCloud or Google back up doesn’t apply to them.  Yes it does.  It must.  If you have a Smart Phone and just about everyone does, back it up.  There are other reasons why you have to learn this and pay for the storage. Mobile Gear | Renewed Phones, Device Repairs & Device Accessories

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