How do I know I am getting a quality repair on my phone?


So you broke your screen on your phone? Unfortunately, it happens. So how do you get a quality repair on your phone?  The purpose of this blog is to give you some information, so you know you are getting a quality repair on your phone.

Firstly there is a big difference in the range of screens available to fix your phone.  For the iPhone XS for example, there are over 8 different screens available, ranging from a cheap LCD which is not designed to work on this model, to a genuine Apple screen.  The difference in price for the screens range from around $50 for the LCD up to $300 for the genuine Apple.  I would not recommend either of these screens.

We supply X07 screens with a lifetime warranty.  They are quality PREMIUM screens and come from the USA. Now that word PREMIUM is important.  If you have a cheap screen installed, you will lose a couple of features.  These are ALS (automatic light sensor) and True Tone which a quality repairer will take the time to transfer over to your new screen.  For Samsung phones, we only use Samsung Service Pack, and you can ask to see the box.  We have found the aftermarket “Samsung “screens unreliable and prone to failure.

A quality repairer will keep a database with all the details about your phone, including the unique identification number the IMEI.  So if in the future after the receipt is long gone, you have a problem, your phone can quickly be identified and its past history reviewed.  Warranty is never a problem for a reputable repairer.

You also should be wary of repairers who say they can repair your phone in “15 minutes” – screws and plates will be left out, no details about the phone will be taken, we think taking an hour to do a quality job, run diagnostics, test the phone thoroughly, record all the details of the phone and produce a legitimate tax invoice is worth it to you, the customer, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.  We live in a fast-paced world but taking time to complete a quality repair is in everybody’s best interest.   

When you get your phone fixed ask to see the box that the screen is packaged in.  Cheap screens wont even have a box; they will be packaged in bubble wrap.  And if you are in the habit of buying the latest phone,  eg iPhone 13  or Samsung S21, then get ready to part with lots of dollars if you break the screen as the latest screens are always top dollar (more than $500).

In regards to reviews, these give you a picture of the work ethic of the repairer.  Some businesses buy their reviews off customers, offering a discount if you give me a review right now.  How helpful is this?  The customer has not yet used their phone to know whether any problems exist.

We see all sorts of dodgy repairs on mobile phones and being that they are now a critical part of everyday life, it pays to get the job done properly the first time. 

In conclusion, ask to see the box or ask what screen it is and google it, be wary of anyone who says they can do a quality repair in 15 minutes it is just not the way to go.  If you need advice we are always happy to help.

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