Introducing the iPhone X Bundle

This is our incredible value iPhone X Bundle. We are providing everything you need to get started, change over, or just refresh your phone situation.

You will received: A quality 64GB iPhone X which is fully operational in good condition Value $524.00

14 Months warranty on the phone

An eco-friendly Pela Case which is compostable and breaks down in 90 days after you are finished with it. Value $74.95

An eco-friendly Canopy screen protector that covers 3 devices. Value $59.95

A lightning cable

A charging base

Free express delivery

Full Price Value – over $800 yours for $599.00.

Why is this a good idea?

It is a good idea because by purchasing a renewed phone and eco-friendly accessories you are stopping a new device from entering the market. Also you are stopping around 1Kg of plastic being made. Plastics are a huge problem in the world and we all have to be responsible and try and stop our use of plastics whenever we can.

We will plant a tree for you also when you buy this bundle.

It is also a good idea, because we dont sell food, we repair and sell phones and accessories. The supermarkets know food not phones. Buy off someone who is in the business of the product they are selling.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your phone, it will either be repair or replaced quickly and we have a process in place to handle this.

Remember to back up your phone, from Day 1. Backing up applies to everyone. If you dont know how to do it we can help, or see our website for directions.

Limited number of bundles available at this price, so dont miss out.

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