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iPhone 12 Renewed with extra QUALITY TEST. Lots to choose from.  Why are our phones DIFFERENT?  Read on…

A Mobile Gear Renewed Phone is different.  When you buy a “renewed” “Refurbished” “Second Hand” phone off one of the bulk retailers or shopping malls, you are taking a chance that the device will be in working order and to the standard you expect.  This is because the phones are handed back in to Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone, and by large corporations.  They are also source in bulk from overseas, Japan for example is a large exporter of refurbished phones.  Also beware of buying privately, you may well be buying someone else’s problem.

When the phone lands at one of the bulk warehouses, they are quickly checked and graded.  It has been our experience and the experience of many clients, that often the phone is not working or graded the way they expect. See here one suppliers Grading Criteria.

At Mobile Gear, we have added a step – “Checked by Mobile Gear”.

This is a critical step in our opinion, we often receive phones from the bulk suppliers that are graded incorrectly and have faults.  That is why we are inserting this step …”Checked by Mobile Gear”  Your iPhone 12 Renewed with extra QUALITY TEST will always be as  described.  We guarantee it.  

This is an individualised diagnostic, functional and grading test done by our technicians,  after this is done we will send the device to you with confidence. We guarantee that you will be so happy with your iPhone 12 Renewed with extra QUALITY TEST

WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT?  Because we want you to have what you paid for.  We do not want you to have to hassle of switching data after a week, changing sims back to your spare phone, and having to send the device back for any reason we can avoid.  This step makes it just about 100% that you will be getting a great phone.

Your phone has 12 Months warranty – it is ideal if you DON’T have to use it.

It will take a little longer for you to get your phone (a day or two) and our price is a little higher than the bulk retailers, although WE THINK IT IS WORTH IT.   You will receive your device with the confidence that it has be “CHECKED BY MOBILE GEAR”.

Also, we are transparent and totally contactable.  We will return your call, or email, or chat request.  Some websites where you buy phones have no contact details, or just an email address that often goes unreturned.  We think THAT because you can CONTACT US makes us DIFFERENT and UNIQUE.

Lastly buying renewed is Eco-Friendly Why?  Because you are using a perfectly good device with loads of power instead of using new resources that are quickly running out, not to mention the money you save.  Read more here Why choose a renewed eco-friendly phone and case? – Mobile Gear,

It is an important purchase, mobile phones give us connection, safety, save us time and money, and are so important in the 21st century.

Mobile Gear also assist schools, business, NDIS participants, and the elderly in managing, using and repairing devices.  If you need assistance or would like to know about our FLEET MANAGEMENT SERVICE please CONTACT US

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