Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 – What to expect 2020?

We are not expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 release for a while. We can expect it out in February 2020 if Samsung continues its yearly cycle of phone releases. But we are already hearing rumours of what we can expect??
The Samsung Galaxy S10 lacked some features we were hoping to see. And, there were aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Galaxy Fold that would work well in the new Galaxy S11.
So we have drawn up a wish list of features we would like to see in the Samsung Galaxy S11.
This is what we have heard so far…
• What is is? The next premium Galaxy S Smartphone
• When is it out? Possibly February 18
• What will it cost? $1349-$1799
The holepunch on the S11 will be repositioned to the centre, just like on the Note 10 Series.
Starting with the standard model the screen is apparently between 6.63 and 6.7 inches in size and slightly less curved than the S10’s. The bezel also appears slightly smaller on the back there is a camera block which appears to house 5 lenses.
It is slightly thicker than the S10. Apparently, the screen sizes of the Galaxy 11E, S11, and S11 Plus will be 6.4, 6.7, and 6.9 inches and they are all going to come with curved screens. They might also have a 120Hz refresh rate offering smoother interactions than the 60Hz found in the S10. Plus a browser test for an unknown Samsung phone believed to be an S11 points to a 20:9 aspect ratio which would make it taller when held in portrait orientation. The S11 could also have new screen tech as Samsung has trademarked the name SAMOLED which would be some sort of upgrade to AMOLED.
Samsung has announced new 48MP and 64MB camera sensors so it is likely they will be used in the S11. However a 108MP Sensor has also been announced and this could be included, with 5X optical zoom. The S11 camera has been nicknamed “Huddle” after the telescope which could mean impressive zoom.
The S11 will be a 5G device and have a bigger battery. It will most likely have facial recognition.
In ending, it is rumoured that the S11 and Note 11 may be merged into a new range called Galaxy One that will combine all of Samsung premium features into one phone. Fact or Fiction. Time will tell.

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