Things you need to do before moving on from your Android Phone

6 Things you need to do before moving on from your Android Phone.
Thinking of upgrading to the next Android Phone? Going to hand your phone on to one of your kids or donate it to charity? You will want to make sure you follow these 6 steps before you do…
1. Back up you Data to your Google account

Head to Settings>Accounts (tap Google)>Select Google account and check everything you want to sync, like:
– Backups of your app data (like saved games)
– Contacts
– Calander Entries
– Gmail
– Documents in Google Drive
– Web Browser bookmarks
– Google+ Photos
– Wi-fi passwords and other device settings
Check your backup and make sure you have everything you need for your new phone. To back up your settings go to Settings>Backup and Reset>Device Backup>and check “Back Up to Google Drive”.
2. Back Up your Photos and Videos
Back up all your photos and videos to your computer. To back up to the cloud, you can use a number of cloud storage options, Google Photos gives you FREE storage for photos up to 20 MP in resolution and lets you set your device to automatically backup your photos as you take them or only when connected to WI-FI.
To back up your photos and videos to your computer you will need to connect your phone to the computer. If you haven’t connected it before, you will need to install the software and drivers. Its easy just follow the prompts.
Your photo and videos are stored in the phones memory and maybe on an SD Card. Make sure you open both locations. Inside open the DCIM folder and copy and paste the ones you want to your computer. Some phones software will show you a preview of your photos and videos tick the ones you want to transfer or “Select All”. After you have checked they are all over, you can delete off the phone and SC card.
3. Back up your Text and Call Log
If your concerned about keeping a copy of your texts and call log you need to back these up separately. One of the easiest ways is to use SMS Backup and Restore (free in Google Play). The app saves your messages and call log to a file that can be automatically uploaded to email, google drive or dropbox. Or if you have a new phone your transferring to you can move the data directly using File Transfer.
4. Encrypt your data
Once you have all your data backed up, it time to wipe the device. To ensure all your data is gone you need to do more than a factory reset. You will want to encrypt your data. That means if anyone wants to see any data on the phone they will need a password to decrypt it. This step is only for older phones running Android Marshmellow 6.0, probably not relevant to most people as we are now up to Android Version 10. Anyway to encrypt your data go to Setting>Encrypt Phone. Don’t encrypt your SD card and remember to take it out.
5. Disable Factory Reset Protection
To disable Factor Reset Protection you need to remove your Google account from the phone. Go to Settings>Accounts and Sync> Google>Select your account. Tap on the 3 dots to open the menu and select remove account
6. Perform a Factory Reset
After completing a full back up of your device and removing your google account you are now ready to reset your device ready for the next user. Go to Settings>Backup and Reset>Factory data reset and then tap RESET PHONE. Done!!!

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