Why choose a renewed eco-friendly phone and case?


Are you looking for an eco-friendly phone and case?


S20 Plus Renewed Near New 128GB Purple

Why choose a renewed eco-friendly phone and case.  Go no further, we have you covered.  Firstly, lets talk about the phone.  There is a big difference between buying “renewed” and buying second hand which I will explain shortly.  And when you pair your phone with an eco-friendly case, you are having very little impact on the environment.

Why Buy Renewed?

It makes sense to buy renewed.  The phone is fully tested, unlocked from any network, and put through a 72 point check.  This gives us the confidence to put 12 months warranty on the phone, just like a new one.  If you buy second-hand of a marketplace, you are taking a big risk.  Why?  Because you are taking an unknown person’s word that the phone has no issues.  Let me tell you a couple of stories.  Firstly, a lady came in and said she got a phone from an online personal seller, and when it arrived it had a broken screen.  I know shock horror!  When she contacted the seller, they said they accidentally broke it after they listed it.  If you believe that you would believe anything.  Anyway, they swiftly disappeared, and she was stuck with a worthless phone, and after this first expense and learning experience, she bought a renewed phone from us and is now very happy and satisfied.  Another person came in and said she bought a phone off a big auction site e-something, and when she got it her SIM wouldn’t work?  Strange? She contacted the seller and they said that it was locked to Sprint (it is just about impossible to unlock a phone from Sprint) and that this was written in the listing, yes it was, not in big letters telling a prospective buyer they would never be able to use the phone, but in tiny little writing right at the bottom of the listing.  We think – not fair – e-something says it was fair because it was written in the listing – the seller also stated NO RETURNS, so she was stuck with a useless iPhone X at that time about $500.

So, you can see my point, we guarantee our phones are unlocked, operational to a stated level, even the battery has to be better than 85% or it is changed, and of course unbroken.  You know what you are getting and are guaranteed to have an operational phone for 12 months at least, we use renewed phones ourselves, and have had years of trouble-free use from them.  See here for grading criteria on our phones.

Why eco-friendly?

Why choose a renewed eco-friendly phone and case?  Now on to the eco-friendly point.  Buying a renewed phone and recycled or compostable case is so environmentally friendly.  You are using a perfectly good phone with high specs; we currently have Samsung S20 Plus Renewed Devices 128GB Near New for $773 (Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 128GB (Near New)(A) Renewed – Cosmic Grey | Mobile Gear).  I personally think the S20 Plus is a better phone than the S21, you save $700, the planet thanks you for using a device that has already been traded in, then put it in a Lifeproof Wake Case (made from plastic recovered from the ocean) or a Pela Compostable Case (Ocean Turquoise (Turtle edition) Samsung S20+(Plus) Eco-Friendly Phone Case | Mobile Gear) , and you will effectively have zero effect on the environment.  If you combine the Pela Case with a zero-waste screen protector, you also qualify for a Screen Protection Guarantee , that will chip in $250 toward a new screen should you be unlucky enough to break your screen.  I think this is a great deal for you and for the planet.  What do you think?  Go to our website we have lots of renewed iPhones and Samsung phones for you to choose from, and eco-friendly cases and screen protectors. Make a better choice and PARTICIPATE IN YOUR OWN RESCUE – HELP SAVE THE PLANET

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