Why Removable Batteries are never coming back

Why Removable Batteries are never coming back

Apple have never made an iPhone with a removable battery. But Apple did admit to slowing down there iPhones with older batteries. The made up for this with a rare apology and by offering a cheap battery replacement and promising (which they did deliver) a IOS software update that better communicated the battery health of your iPhone. It is not like Apple can’t make a phone with a removeable battery – it just doesn’t make any sense to make a phone with a removable battery.
Removable batteries were a phase we went through in the 1990’s and 2000’s. LG made phones with removable batteries until 2016 with the G5. Phones with flimsy plastic removable back covers become something nobody wanted.
When Samsung bought out it’s new Note Series removable batteries were ditched, for more premium sealed sleek designs. The Note 4 had a metal frame. Now we are seeing Apple X Series , XS and 11 Series phones with glass backs which when they are in one piece look spectacular and when they are broken become a large expense to get fixed and look ugly and are renegaded to a case.

Removable batteries are also the opposite in terms of the phone being water resistance and dust and sand resistant. Having a removable battery means more ways for these foreign unwanted substances to enter your precious smartphone. It is deemed that having a water resistant phone is a more desirable quality.
Also, as in the iPhone X and XS Max, phones have weird shaped batteries. The iPhone X has an L shaped battery. Having a sealed battery lets designers use all available space for every little bit of extra charge. Some LG’s have rounded corners and some phones batteries actually fit into the corners of the phone, using what would otherwise be dead space. Weirdly shaped batteries make use of all available space.
These days, as we head for 2020 just around the corner there is no need to carry around an extra battery, with access to car chargers, wireless charges, and power banks. Not to mention larger and more efficient batteries.
Unlike a sealed battery, a removable battery requires an extra layer of protection to shield it from impact. This adds extra thickness and on modern smartphones every millimetre counts.
So in conclusion, removable batteries are not going to be back. There is no good reason for a resurgence. So goodbye removeable batteries!

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